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Not Bossy

Not Bossy

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Introducing the "Not Bossy" shirt – because who needs labels when you can redefine them with a touch of sarcasm? Are you tired of being called "bossy" just because you know what you want and how to get it? Well, fear not, because this shirt is here to set the record straight.

With its bold lettering and tongue-in-cheek message, "Not Bossy" lets the world know that you're not bossy – you're just aggressively helpful. Whether you're a teacher, a mom, a wife, or just someone who's tired of being told to tone it down, this shirt is your perfect companion in the battle against stereotypes.

Crafted with the softest fabric and designed with a healthy dose of attitude, "Not Bossy" is more than just a shirt – it's a statement. It's a reminder that being assertive, confident, and unapologetically yourself is something to be celebrated, not criticized.

So go ahead, rock this shirt with pride and let your assertive side shine. Because in the world of "Not Bossy," there's no room for labels – just badassery, one shirt at a time.

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