About Us

Being a mom of a quickly growing toddler, going shopping for clothes became a tedious errand. The stores could easily divide the sections by blue for boys and pink for girls, but it goes deeper than that. It was common to see cars and explosions plastered on blues and greens, while girls seemed to only be full of beauty and glitter. I wanted there to be more; more options for children to be who they want, to be free to express themselves, and for parents to have the ability to keep the same piece of clothing for any gender.

As a middle school teacher, I have seen the growth and ability of our next generation, but I have also seen their struggle in their ability to freely express themselves to their friends and family. Though middle school students, high school students, even college aged students seem to grow faster and faster, they are still children and they still want to define themselves in their own terms. I can only hope that my clothes can help with that. Children of all ages can find something with Made With Orion's Love.